Coal broken activated carbon

Coal broken activated carbon ,Coal broken xinjiang production low carbon low sulfur bituminous coal ash as raw materials, coal ash by less than 2%, crushing, screening and carbonization and activation catalytic process from product absorption ability strong, ash is low, the little impurity, large loading density, applicable to air purification, drinking water purification, catalytic carrier, product decoloring, the solvent recovery and other fields, and the properties of product reach woodiness carbon levels. The use of special process with the ash from ash can fall below 2%, as low grey low iron carbon, could be used to replace the use woodiness activated carbon, used in medicine, electronics, chemical and other ac have special ash requirements of the industry.

Two, the technical indexes GB/T7702-2008 refers to bid a 30-40 item 1-2 mm 2-4 mm powder
Iodine value mg/g adsorption 850 ~ 1050 850 ~ 1050 850 ~ 1050 900 ~ 1200
Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate % acuity 60 acuity 60 acuity 60
Dry reduction % more than 10 of more than 10 of more than 10 of more than 10
Burning residua % 8 to 15 8 to 15 8 to 15 8 to 15
Wear resistance strength: : : 90 90 %, 90.
The methylene blue mg/g 120 180 120 180 120 180 120-180
Hole volume/g acuity 0.65 cm3 acuity 0.65 acuity 0.65 acuity 0.73
Floating rate more than 2 more than more than 2%2 more than 3
The adsorption of phenol value Mg/g: 140 140, 140.. :
【 packing 】 plastic woven bag packaging, every 25 KG or 500 KG.
【 note 】 did not list a project quality index according to clients with products for the production.

Coal production process: broken activated carbon of active basically divided into two major manufacturing process.
The first process including dehydration and carbonization, materials will be heating, in the 170 to 600 ℃ temperature, and make the original dry organic carbon about 80%.
The second is to make the carbonization process that, this is through activation in activator like water steam and carbon reaction to finish, in the heat of the reaction is mostly made by CO and H2 the mixture to burning gas, heat to the appropriate temperature carbonization content (800 to 1000 ℃), to burn in addition to which all biodegradeable materials, the resulting developed microporous structure and specific surface area of the huge, thus has the strong adsorption ability.

Coal activated carbon USES: broken
Coal activated carbon can be used for drinking water purification, removing city high residual chlorine, deodorant; Is also highly purified water, artificial mineral water production process of senior purification materials; Large-scale boiler water supply in advance such as COD removal from the harmful impurities, can improve the efficiency and prolong the boiler life; Can be effectively removing water COD, pigment, pernicious smell substance. Large particles can be activated carbon filter and purify air reload.


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