Nut shell activated carbon use and the use of the matters needing attention

Nut shell activated carbon quality selection apricot, peach, walnut shell shell, jujube hulls nut shell as raw material, using the carbonization and activation, overheating steam CuiHua, the craft is refined but become, the appearance is black not to finalize the design, the production process particles series processing from the a activated carbon. Has wear-resisting good strength, pore is developed, adsorption performance, high strength, high, easy regeneration, economic durable and other advantages, is widely used in life, industry, liquid adsorption, water purification, gas phase adsorption. Especially suitable for the power plant, petrochemical, refinery, printing and dyeing, textile, food and beverage, medicine, water, pure water, electronic high life drinking water, industrial water reuse and other industries. The more can effective adsorptive water free chloride, phenol, sulfur, oil, gelatin and pesticide residues and other organic pollutants, residual chlorine, half to take off, and organic solvent chlorine value of recovery and so on.
Nut shell activated carbon USES:
Nut shell activated carbon is widely used in drinking water, industrial water and waste water thedepth purification life, industrial water purification and gas phase adsorption, such as power plant, petrochemical, refinery, food and beverage, sugar drinks, medicine, electronics, fish, sea, and water purification processing industry, can effectively absorb water dissociation chloride, phenol, sulfur and other organic pollution, especially, the mutation item (THM) precursors to purify material, removing impurity to peculiar smell. Can also be used in industrial tail gas purification, gas desulfurization, oil, and gas separation and catalytic reforming variable pressure adsorption, the dry air, food preservation and gas mask, solution, industrial solvent filter medium carrier, decoloring, purification, etc. All kinds of gas separation and purification, purification; Organic solvent recovery; Sugar, monosodium glutamate, medicine, wine, drink decoloring, deodorization, and refined; Precious metals refining; Chemical industry in catalyst and catalyst carrier. Products more decoloring, purification, impurity, deodorant, to bad breath, carrier, purification, recycling, etc. Function. Nut shell activated carbon USES and its use skills

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