Air purification coal column activated carbon

Air purification coal column activated carbon
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A, product introduction
Purify air with coal activated carbon, used for chemical raw materials developed porosity gas chemical synthesis gas, the pharmaceutical industry gas with gas and carbon dioxide drinks hydrogen, nitrogen, inert gas purification of such as hydrogen atoms and the purification of the facilities, and can also be used to drop off in the air and the classification of the mixed gas pollutants purification.
Technology index: (executive standard GB/T 7701.5-1997)

Model particle size, iodine value, mg/g carbon tetrachloride
% ash
Heavy g/L % accumulation intensity
% water
SS-4.0 (A) Ф 4.0:900:6 and 12, 400:55: more than 95 5
SS-4.0 (B) : 1050 70 Ф 4.0:8 to 12: more than 90 380:5
SS-4.0 (C) Ф 4.0:1100 80: eight to 15:360 90 more than 5.
SS 8 x16 x16 > 1000 8:60 8 to 12: more than 95 400:5
SS 4 x10 4 x10 > 1050 70: eight to 15:380 90 more than 5.
Activated carbon is of the porous material containing carbon, it has a highly developed porosity structure, it is a kind of very fine adsorbent, every gram activated carbon adsorption area is equivalent to eight tennis place more. And the adsorption effect is by physical means adsorption force and chemical adsorption force to achieve. Its composition of the substance in addition to carbon element outside, still contain a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and ash, its structure is formed for carbon six ring piled up things. Because of the irregular way six ring carbon, which cause the microporous activated carbon volume and the characteristics of the high surface area.

Coal activated carbon USES the high quality raw material, through for coal coking-cooling and activation and so on a series of process and washing developed by. The general appearance for black cylindrical activated carbon, amorphous coal particles, say again broken activated carbon carbon. Cylindrical activated carbon also called columnar carbon, generally by powder materials and binder the kneading, extrusion by carbonization and activation again made the process such as. Also can use powdered carbon and binder extrusion. Has developed the pore structure, excellent adsorption, high mechanical strength, capricious regeneration, the cost low characteristic; Used for the purification of the poisonous gas, waste gas treatment, industrial and water purification processing, the solvent recovery, etc.
Activated carbon can by many different materials containing carbon, these substances including wood, sawdust, coal, coke, peat, lignin, stone, hard nut shell, sucrose pulp, bone, lignite, oil residue, etc. Coal and coconut shell has become a manufacturing activated carbon the most commonly used the original 炓. Activated carbon manufacturing basically divided into two process, the first process including dehydration and carbonization, materials will be heating, in the 170 to 600 ℃ temperature, and make the original dry organic carbon about 80%. The second is to make the carbonization process that, this is through activation in activator like water steam and carbon reaction to finish, in the heat of the reaction is mostly made by CO and H2 the mixture to burning gas, heat to the appropriate temperature carbonization content (800 to 1000 ℃), to burn in addition to which all biodegradeable materials, the resulting developed microporous structure and specific surface area of the huge, thus has the strong adsorption ability.
The porosity of the activated carbon according to the size of the pore diameter can be divided into three categories. Big hole: radius 1000 1000000 A. Transition pore radius: 20-1000 A. Micro hole: radius-20 A.
By different ingredients with different size of activated carbon of pore diameter. The coconut shell of the system has the lowest pore radius of activated carbon. Wood activated carbon generally have the greatest pore radius, they are used in larger molecules, and adsorption almost special in liquid phase. In urban water treatment used in the field of the first type of ozonization-activated carbon that is made with wood, called the charcoal. The coal activated carbon pore size something in between.
In the coal activated carbon, lignite activated carbon, have more than anthracite activated carbon transition pore and larger average aperture, so can effectively remove the water macromolecular organic matters.
General use in water treatment of activated carbon, the surface area is too big, but not necessarily should have more transition pore and larger average aperture. Japanese city airport with the activated charcoal move some liquid, has the following characteristics: specific surface area for 850 to 1000 m2 / g, the pore volume for 0.88 to 1.5 ml/g, the average pore radius for 40 to 50 A.
Active carbon function introduction:
Activated carbon is high efficiency air purification function, can create a comfortable environment clean activated carbon, activated carbon more care human body health, active carbon is invisible to the air filter, activated carbon is based on its physical adsorption and chemical combination of function decomposition, decompose the formaldehyde in air, ammonia, benzene, cigarette, the harmful gas such as oil and all the peculiar smell, especially the fragrance of cancer kind material, active carbon with strong adsorption ability, it is a kind of common absorbent, catalysts was in the air, it is easy to and harmful gas fully contact with the use of their own, active carbon adsorption will be harmful gas molecules pore suction hole, blow out relaxed and clean air. So family partner cannot leave the activated carbon.
Application of activated carbon
Activated carbon is widely used in all aspects of the industry and agriculture production, such as petrochemical industry non-alkali deodorization (take off), ethylene refined mercaptan desalination water (refined packing), catalyst carrier (platinum and palladium, etc), rhodium, water purification and sewage treatment; The electric power industry and the power plant water treatment and protection; Chemical industry chemical catalyst and carrier, gas purification, the solvent recovery and grease, etc; the decoloring, refined The food industry, wine, soft drinks and food made of the mother liquor monosodium glutamate, decoloring; Gold extraction of gold industry, the liquid recycle; In the environmental protection industry wastewater treatment, waste gas and harmful gas management, gas purification; And the related industries cigarette filter, wood floor moistureproof, suck the mouth taste, automobile pollution control, various gasoline evaporation impregnant solution preparation, etc. Activated carbon in the future will have a good development prospect

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