Supply coal water purification activated carbon from songshan

Supply coal water purification songshan 】 【 SS109 activated carbon supplier producers 【 field manager 】 purifying water use coal activated carbon is mainly used for city living and drinking water, pure water, distilled water, pure water and other manufacturing equipment fill, take off chloride, drop of oil purifier and various kinds of industrial sewage purification processing depth. The songshan companies adhere to the innovation, excellence, production and sales increased year by year, as the activated carbon the advanced enterprise. For further
Improve the activated carbon content and increase products technology added value of products, the company keep activated carbon industry sales market stability, and on the basis of further
Develop the improved technology products activated carbon. Adhere to the “quality first reputation first service first” to “high quality product preferential price sincere cooperation nut shell activated carbon is made of high quality raw materials for walnut shell and apricot, the dry, the carbonization and activation of high temperature steam after refining processing from the high adsorption performance
Activated carbon. Appearance is black not to finalize the design particles. Good: product has developed, and specific surface area, pore structure, adsorption ability, big machine
High strength, bed layer resistance, chemical stability performance is good, easy regeneration, durability and advantages, and have all kinds of particles degrees. USES:
This product is widely used in drinking water, industrial water and waste water thedepth purification; All kinds of gas separation and purification, purification; Organic solvent back to
Accept; Sugar, monosodium glutamate, medicine, wine, drink decoloring, deodorization, and refined; Precious metals refining; Chemical industry in catalysts and catalyst
Carrier. Nut shell activated carbon storage should be stored in many holed adsorbent in storage and transportation, so use process, be absolutely prevent water extraction, for water
After extraction, a great deal of water full of activity space, make its lose their effect. Prevent tar kind material in use process, should be prohibited from tar kind material into activity
Carbon bed, in order to avoid jams activated carbon, make its adsorption space lost role. Had better have in addition to focal equipment purification gas. Activated carbon, and not only with less
Amount of chemical combination, functional group of construction, such as hydrogen and oxygen carbonyl, carboxyl, phenols, lactone class, quinonoids class, ethers. These on the surface of the contain
Oxide and complex, some from the raw material of derivatives, some are in the activation and activated when by air or water vapor role and the generated. sometimes
Will also generate surface sulfide and chloride. In the activation of minerals in raw materials on the activated carbon, the ash content of ash content become main component is alkali
Metal and alkaline metal of salt, such as carbonate and phosphate, etc. The ash content in water or the pickling deal with reduced.
Activated carbon catalytic active carbon adsorption process in many with catalytic reaction, show the activity of the catalyst. For example adsorption two oxygen
The catalytic oxidation of sulfur into sulfur trioxide formation. by
“For the purpose of domestic and foreign customers.
The main products are nut shell activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, apricot shell activated carbon, coal activated carbon, wood activated carbon, etc. Mainly used for pure water
, the wine industry, chemical industry, industry, power, pharmaceutical, food, beverage purification, gold and precious metals extraction, oil chemical decoloring purification, and waste
Water treatment and air purification and other fields, and product sales nationwide ten several provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and exported to Europe and southeast Asia countries.
Factory address: the henan province gongyi city west village, so the car yuan industrial area
Sales: 0371-53767767
Production: 0371-64580183
The true: 0371-69596889
Post editor: 451200
Hand machine: 13939020880
Chinese web site:
English web site:

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