Purifying water use coal activated carbon is mainly used for city living and drinking water

Purifying water use coal activated carbon is mainly used for city living and drinking water, pure water, distilled water, pure water and other manufacturing equipment fill, take off chloride, drop of oil purifier and various kinds of industrial sewage purification processing depth.
Active carbon as China’s national economy of a pillar in the modern society, the role of more and more big, mainly used in sugar, medicine, monosodium glutamate industry, water treatment, the solvent recovery, food and beverage purification, air purification, desulfurization, carrier, medicine, gold refining and gas mask, gas defence clothing, the semiconductor industry and so on. 21 st century, China has reached 200000 tons annual activated carbon, is the world’s most important one of the producers. By 2010, the domestic consumption activated carbon is expected to will achieve 120000 tons or so, is also the world’s biggest consumer market one. But compared with the developed countries, China’s activated carbon industry still there is much more gap, especially in production technology, production equipment, product quality and after-sales service, and other aspects of the disparity between.

3. The car use carbon: general use two packs of 400 grams of carbon package placed, match before and after the bamboo charcoal car mat use effect and the car’s products and best hang (add-ons
A little bells. Small carbon fish, bedroom with kitten, etc), back cushion etc.
Vehicle can also be used 1.25 kg big carbon bag (environment agent). The effect perfectly. And smooth accelerant bamboo charcoal (price is a little bit higher, with aseptic function)

Water treatment activated carbon is commonly columnar particles, high spicific surface, microporous developed, high mechanical strength, speed, purify the adsorption degree is high, not easy off powder
And long service life. Water treatment with high quality activated carbon coconut shells, walnut shell, apricot, peach shell, coal as the raw material, the series production process
And refined, its appearance is black granular. The advantage is developed, and the pore structure than high adsorption performance is strong, the library layer Yin force is small, chemical properties
Stable, easy to regenerate. It is used in high purity of life drinking water, industrial water and wastewater treatment of the deep purification.
Coconut shell activated carbon
Korea’s inquiry with high quality fruit shell activated carbon coconut shell as raw materials, and the use of advanced production technology and processed products made with pore structure, developed, and strong
Degree is high, low content of impurities, particle degree appropriate, small resistance, easy to regeneration, etc. Of water purification has excellent effect, it not only can remove different
Smelly smell, improve the water is dramatically. water
The placement of activated carbon is commonly according to the area to:
1, according to every square metre 1-2 package (that is, 50-100 g), the greater the amount of use in principle, use for a long time, the better the results.
2, from seal out of plastic bags, put in the small bedroom directly, cabinet, ark, drawer, refrigerator, toilet, cars and other place needs to be cleaned
At any position of the can.
Three, for home

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