Active carbon as China’s national economy of a pillar in the modern society

Activated carbon as China’s national economy of a pillar in the modern society, the role of more and more big, mainly used in sugar, medicine, monosodium glutamate industry, water treatment, the solvent recovery, food and beverage purification, air purification, desulfurization, carrier, medicine, gold refining and gas mask, gas defence clothing, the semiconductor industry and so on. 21 st century, China has reached 200000 tons annual activated carbon, is the world’s most important one of the producers. By 2010, the domestic consumption activated carbon is expected to will achieve 120000 tons or so, is also the world’s biggest consumer market one. But compared with the developed countries, China’s activated carbon industry still there is much more gap, especially in production technology, production equipment, product quality and after-sales service, and other aspects of the disparity between. Industry, life water and urban sewage discharge of more and more big, and can produce the sludge sewage treatment plant, and more and more wastewater treatment plant
Clay is a high moisture content, including a large number of organic matter and poisonous and harmful substances (including microbial, heavy metal and toxic organic matter) with complex of rheological
The shape and a half dry solid waste, it capacity, easy to corruption, not stable, stench, if not be safe treatment and disposal, will cause severe two
Time pollution problems, but at the same time sludge contain a lot of organic matter degradation, available resources, etc. Therefore, the author discusses and implement city in the sludge treatment
Buy new ways and reuse to solve the problem of pollution, sludge is important.
RenAiLing etc [2] through the sludge characteristics analysis, sludge activated carbon best technology explore, activated carbon sludge than surface characterization and scanning electron microscope (sem) analysis,
Research to the urban sludge as the main raw material preparation activated carbon.
The results showed that the optimum technological conditions of 40% zinc as activator solution, activation time 20 min, activation temperature of 600 ℃, solid-liquid than to 1
: 2 ~ 1:3, under the condition of the sludge was activated carbon adsorption iodine value is 514 ~ 542 mg/g, the big hole, holes, micro hole volume in respectively for 0139 ~
0153 mL/g, 0110 ~ 0115 mL/g, 0115 ~ 0123 mL/g, specific surface area for 193 ~ 256 m2 / g. Will be unclean

Gongyi Songshan Filtration Material Activated Carbon Factory   

Adress: No.6 Cheyuan Industrial Park, Xicun town, Gongyi District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Telephone: 86+371-53767767
Fax: 86+0371-69596889
Zip code: 451200
Contact: Mr Tian

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