Coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon by Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries import high quality coconut shell as raw materials, the use of the world’s advanced more than the United States back from the scientific formula of converter, refined but become. Product developed porosity, large absorption capacity, bleaching, deodorant fast, product high strength, long service life, complete kinds, coconut shells were gold activated carbon, water purification coconut shell activated carbon, monosodium glutamate refined coconut shell activated carbon, petrochemical off special coconut shell had activated carbon, WeiNiGuan catalyst coconut shell activated carbon, ethylene coconut shell activated carbon, water desalination cigarette filter tip coconut shell activated carbon, and so on, coconut shell activated carbon is widely used in food, medical, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, steel-making, tobacco, fine chemical and other industries.
(1), take off mercaptan shell activated carbon: as coconut oil refineries catalytic unit gasoline (deodorization) had to take off the carrier of catalysts.
(2), WeiNiGuan catalyst coconut shell activated carbon: used for chemical industry as a catalyst carrier, such as vinyl acetate as catalyst carrier and so on.
(3), monosodium glutamate refined coconut shell activated carbon: used for production process of the mother liquor monosodium glutamate decoloring refined, also can used for the fine chemical products to take off
Color refined.
(4), cigarette filter tip coconut shell activated carbon filter cigarettes: used for tobacco industry, dispel the cigarette of tar, such as nicotine toxic
Harmful substances.
(5), citric acid special coconut shell activated carbon: citric acid, amino acids, elevated for various acid decoloring, refined, to taste.
6, water purification coconut shell activated carbon: used for drinking water, the water plant family water treatment, bottled water depth of the production water purification.
7 with coconut shell activated carbon, protection: used in the production of carbon, loading screen of impregnating and industrial gas appliances.

Second, physics, chemistry performance analysis 【 inspection standard 】 GB/T 12496 1999

Analyze project test data analysis project test data
Iodine value 700 1000 mg/g specific surface area 1000 m2 / g
Strength: 90% fill density 0.45 0.55 cm3 / g
The JiaLan value 100 150 mg/g PH value of 8-10
More than 3% ash water more than 8-12%

Note: the specification can be according to the user’s requirements for the production.

【 packing 】 plastic woven bag packaging, every 25 KG.
【 note 】 did not list a project quality index according to clients with products for the production.

Three, transport of note:
1, coconut shell activated carbon in transport, prevent and hard material mixed form, not to trample, step, in case carbon grain and broken, influence quality.
2, storage should be stored in many holed adsorbent in storage and transportation, so use process, be absolutely prevent water extraction, due to flooding, a great deal of water full of activity space, make its lose their effect.
3, prevent tar kind material in use process, should be prohibited from tar kind material into bed, in order to avoid jams activated carbon, make its space lost adsorption effect. Had better have in addition to focal equipment purification gas.
4, fire prevention activated carbon in storage or transportation, prevent and fire, in case of fire, direct contact avoid when regenerating activated carbon oxygen and regeneration thoroughly, into the regenerative must use steam cooling down to 80 ℃ below, or to the high temperature, oxygen, spontaneous combustion of activated carbon.

Gongyi Songshan Filtration Material Activated Carbon Factory   

Adress: No.6 Cheyuan Industrial Park, Xicun town, Gongyi District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Telephone: 86+371-53767767
Fax: 86+0371-69596889
Zip code: 451200
Contact: Mr Tian

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