Globular activated carbon

Globular activated carbon,Globular activated Carbon (Active Carbon Spherical, SAC), its shape structure containing at least for by a activated Carbon material made of Spherical shell, Spherical shell is Spherical body within the kernel, can be made of different Spherical shell material inorganic material production, the diameter of the Spherical shell can reach up to 10 mm, Spherical shell thickness not less than 0.5 mm, best for 1-1.5 mm. The new utility model reveals the globular activated carbon, because the kernel body can be made of different spherical shell material made of the inorganic materials, specific surface area of the globular activated carbon can be as high as 500 1000 m2 / g, be helpful for a globular activated carbon material performance full play. In addition, because globular activated carbon formed between the fluid flow fluid mechanics performance is good, the fluid through activated carbon layer pressure drop, so small especially suitable for bed (stack height of activated carbon fixed bed gas processing equipment.

Second, globular activated carbon performance index:

ITEM Characteristic Value ITEM Characteristic Value
Spherical Shape Sphere Shape after it fill density density about 0.6 g/ml12
PH value of 6 ~ 8 (can’t) can the alter hosting Surface area than the Surface area of 1100 ~ 1300 ㎡ / g (BET
Dry weightlessness Reduction on drying < 5% Iodine value Iodine number 1200 adsorption ~ 1350 mg/g
The adsorption quantity Carbon tetrachloride Carbon tetrachloride absorption capacity 70 ~ 85% (GB) of sugar adsorption ability Caramel adsorption heavy metal 80 ~ 95% (GB)
To the serie a blue decoloring Methylene blue adsorption force of 220 ~ 270 ml/g (GB) by < 0.5% Ash Ash (< 0.05% can provide certain product < 0.05% 7-8

Three, globular activated carbon applications:
Globular activated carbon besides have activated carbon have adsorption performance outside, still have the other DuoZhong characteristics.
Globular activated carbon to the asphalt as raw material production methods, the product performance is stable. In addition, the biggest characteristic is the SAC high quality of the asphalt, the process of ball don’t use binder, and maintain in flow state uniform don’t melt and activation and system.
1 small particles, high filling ability
2 high liquidity
3 high purity, low ash powder
4 high strength, high wear resistance
5 narrow particle size distribution

According to the average particle size, BAC is divided into four class classification.
1. 0.2 0.4 mm
2. 0.4 0.6 mm
3. 0.6 0.9 mm
4. 0.9 mm and above

Four, globular activated carbon USES:

1. The solvent recovery
The industry use organic solvent all kinds, in good product appearance at the same time, some organic solvents was formed in emissions into the atmosphere pollution, a profound social problems. Therefore, Japan a chemical engineering company using a globular activated carbon development, the solvent recovery device at home and abroad, the electrical appliances, chemical, automobile industry, pharmaceutical and other industries, had set up more than 400 sets of equipment. Energy saving ̖ ̖, no drainage solvent recovery and deodorization device, got everyone’s consistent high praise.

2. The gas processing filter
Globular activated carbon because of its high purity, low dust, a sphere, the characteristics of low pressure loss and super purify ability, has set up a file in the semiconductor industry clean room screen pack adsorption materials, electronic devices, etc of gas processing, car inner environment purification with adsorption materials, etc were adopted.

3. Water treatment
Active carbon adsorption process is a branch of water treatment, as in recent years as well as the relevant management measures water pollution, the strengthening of the demand of activated carbon are also on the increase. In active carbon absorption processing, fluidized bed display excellent decontamination efficiency, in the fluidized bed in the way is to use the globular activated carbon as adsorbent have played the removal of 10 years of efficacy. In addition, the use of its high purity, dust, low wear resistance characteristic, globular activated carbon in pure water manufacturing equipment and water treatment devices are also used.
4. Other applications
The refined chemical adsorption materials with
Catalyst carrier of adsorption materials with
Gas analysis with capture material
Gas chromatography with the filling materials
The adsorption materials used to make shoes
Sterilization device with material, etc
A filter flue gas
Health care products, the gift

5. Drugs
Globular activated carbon (CRF) for chronic renal failure mechanism of action

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