Activated carbon industry facing development challenges and opportunities

Activated carbon industry facing development challenges and opportunitiesActivated carbon industry facing development opportunity and challenge, active carbon as a new type of environmental protection material, more and more attention by people, songshan company in 20 years on active on. Active carbon as new material and carbon materials as an important branch, because of its rich products, production wide raw material sources, process route and its unique mature, comprehensive excellent adsorption performance, has been widely used in People’s Daily life, power, chemical, food, medicine and environmental protection and so on many fields of the national economy. In the new century will continue to show the exuberant vitality, also will face more development opportunities and challenges. The songshan activated carbon factory in new century seize the opportunity, in recent years the rapid development, its scope of business not only to expand domestic almost all regions, and there is exported to Japan, South Korea, India, Russia and other countries and regions, in the activated carbon, our factory has made the industry development.

As activated carbon market continues to expand in China in recent years, activated carbon industry to develop rapidly and quickly, is currently the world’s most important activated carbon producer, has formed to henan gongyi, ningxia yinchuan and the surrounding areas, in datong shanxi area, as a representative of the “big three” production base. According to the chemical industry statistics, in 2010, of the world’s total output activated carbon, exports account for about 33% of the world total exports more than 40%.

Chemical industry analysts think that, compared with the developed countries, China still lags behind, activated carbon industry mainly in the following three aspects: first, active carbon enterprise scale is small, the production equipment is relatively backward, low labor productivity, and a lack of market competitiveness; Second, 90% of the country’s wood activated carbon factory is the annual output of hundreds of tons to thousands of tons of small businesses, annual production capacity to ten thousand tons of real scale almost no; Three, most for the town enterprise, the main equipment very much the same, labor productivity in dozens of t/general who years or more like the United States, low, and Japan and other countries of the activated carbon production to focus on ten thousand tons of big enterprises, the production equipment is advanced, and mostly realized the full automatic production line and computer management control, the labor productivity high, reach hundreds of tons/people years.

With the development of society, the low carbon more and more attention by people, environmental protection industry has become the main active carbon consumption market and shape of China’s environmental protection is still not optimistic, water treatment, and gas processing with activated carbon is far from universal. It would be expected that the amount of environmental protection industry activated carbon will achieve rapid growth, and activated carbon will be the development of the future society and family life, and one of the necessary article will be more and more popular.

Issued by the 2010 China activated carbon market analysis and industry outlook report “shows that in the next few years will be activated carbon industry as a period of important strategic opportunities. Based on the development status and activated carbon industry internal and external environment changes, guide the scientific research production and trade, make the transformation and upgrading of activated carbon industry go economic, social and environmental “three win” the road of sustainable development. To strengthen the cooperation between enterprise and gradually transition to enterprise group, energetically advocate innovation of science and technology, organizational strength conquer chemical method in production of the pollution problem and reduce consumption, low consumption and low toward activated carbon pollution and high quality, high-tech development direction.

The songshan company is with the high quality products, considerate service, for every customer for more wide tomorrow.

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