Gongyi Songshan Filtration Material Activated Carbon Factory’s Enlish Blog

Gongyi Songshan Filtration Material Activated Carbon Factory is on the midwest of Gongyi–which named “The most economically developed 100 counties” , located between Zhengzhou and Luoyang. The Longhai Railway, 310 State Road and Linhuo High-speed Road cross it from west to east. Its south was ShaoLin temple,north was the famous poet Dufu’s hometown,to the west can tour Longmen grottoes and peony in Luoyang. It is a place which good products from the earth are nature’s treasures. It is a place which produces outstanding people. It is a place which has advance communication and fast transportation. Songshan filtration material activated carbon factory was established on 1989,had more than 30 years history. In 1991 this factory turnd collective enterprise into individual proprietorship enterprise. Now it has more than 100 employees and the aggregate assets valued 20 million yuan. This factory is the large activated carbon enterprises,specialized in producing “coconut shell,almond shells, coal and wood”. It has certification through the ISO 9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 international environmental management system. It win the national title of detecting carbon quality credit units and was named the leader enterprise of activated carbon in Henan Province. “Songshan” activated carbon was rated as the outstanding brands in China。 Songshan factory was insist upon the new innovation and constantly strive for perfection. Its production and sales growth year after year and become the advanced enterprises in China of activated carbon. To further enhance the technological content of activated carbon products and added value,the factory insist that improved technology activated carbon products should based on the market stability and further development. It not only sticks to the three first —-” quality, reputation and service “but also the insist the “quality products, preferential price, sincere cooperation” for the purpose of domestic and international customer service. The production was mainly used in many ways such as the purification on pure water, wine, chemical, industrial, electricity, medicine, food and beverage; extraction of gold and precious metals; decolorization and purity on petrifaction wastewater treatment and air purification. Product sells cover more than ten provinces and autonomous regions in the country and exported to Europe and Southeast Asian countries.



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